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Claude is a 1st degree Federal Instructor for the French Underwater Federation, CMAS Instructor ** and PADI Instructor for almost 20 years. His passion for underwater photography began 10 years ago. When he does not train or supervise divers, he takes photos of the underwater world for pleasure in order to make his environment known to the public. He publishes his photos in magazines, books and specialized sites under the Claude Lespagne Photography. His Belgian accent and legendary humour make him a colourful and friendly character.       


Céline is also a Federal 1st degree instructor for the French Underwater Federation, CMAS Instructor ** and a PADI Instructor. After studying chemistry for a long time and 15 years of recreational diving, she decided to "give up everything" to embark on the diving adventure, with the beautiful belgian instructor meeting  as a Egypt. Underwater videography is a hobby that comes to her quite naturally (with Claude as a photographer) with the spirit of showing the different underwater species and their way of life "live" (under the name UniverCel ). Biology then naturally interacts with this passion. Moreover, what could be better than to offer unforgettable memories of diving or aquatic trips with divers?


Team MCC:

We live from our passion, even on holidays we go diving in other places! We dive RESPONSIBLE and take care not to do anything that could harm the aquatic environment in which we spend most of our time.

A few simple rules to observe in this sense: do not throw anything into the sea, always check your ballast, always control your buoyancy, do not leave your hoses or instruments lying around, pay attention to your flippers, avoid any contact with fauna and flora, do not raise anything to the surface, do not harass or feed animals...

You are the best defenders of the ocean, set an example!







Our 200HP semi-rigid boat takes 12 divers to the dive sites for maximum comfort in less than 15 minutes!

It is equipped with a small parrot ladder, oxygen therapy equipment and all the necessary safety equipment.





 The Center


We have a room of about 100m2, spacious and comfortable, located 100 meters from the port of La Restinga,

comprising a dry area and a wet area, equipped as follows:

- Bauer compressor PE 550-VE 6 outputs

- Rinsing tanks for large diving equipment

- Rinsing tray for cameras, computers...

- Steel blocks 12 litres and 15 litres (on request), single and double outlets

- Oxygen therapy equipment

- Full Aqualung equipment for rent

- 2 showers and 1 WC

- Coffee corner and training corner

- Free WIFI


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 The diving Centre is  "Ambassador for Responsible Diver International Agreement" with the society LONGITUDE 181.

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is the only diving centre affiliated to the French underwater Federation on the Island.

We also propose PADI courses as PADI Instructors.



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