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MERIDIANO CERO is a diving centre born of the will of an old wolf sea from La Restinga called PACO, who was the first to explore the seabeds of the island and who wants to show it to people. Most of the diving centres are there since. The name of the centre comes from when the island was known as the "zero meridian" before the discovering of greenwich one.


MERIDIANO CERO is now a french diving centre run by Céline and Claude, a french-belgian couple, for the great delight of the "herreños" (especially Paco and his wife) who are really friendly and are happy to welcome people around the world to show their wonderful island.


 EL HIERRO is the most popular destination of the Canaries Islands !

- UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve 

- Marine Reserve limiting fishing and number of divers 

- Mildest climate in the whole archipelago

- The most favourable currents of the archipelago for the encounter of underwater and large pelagic species


Iles Canaries carte générale copie 

MERIDIANO CERO is in the small town of "la RESTINGA".

La Restinga is located at the southern end of the island, a small fishing village that is home to an underwater paradise, off the coast. The clear waters (visibility over 40 metres) and the variety of species have made La Restinga one of the most visited villages by underwater photographers around the world.

la restinga


MERIDIANO CERO is an affiliate of the French Underwater Federation , and propose PADI Courses.

The diving Centre is also AQUALUNG PARTNER.



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La Restinga harbor